Chytra BC attended training in 2016

I attended the Web Development Training course in HTML den which was chosen with lots of criteria and expectation as a fresher. At the end, of course, it proved to meet the requirements. The sessions conducted by Kris were always included with a comprehensive overview, informative examples, demonstration, and assignments.

Kris kept the class engaged and interactive where each member shared their experiences and issues they have faced. The plan of the course really worked for me. At the end of each class, we were provided with a good number of assignments and excellent references for the portions covered.

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE was the only mantra Kris believed in and advised us to follow. This has made him successful with 17+ years experience in web development. The Google search for his name will show his success for any person seeking to learn web development.

When it comes to placement, there are opportunities he provides. Companies consider the candidates of HTML den as a FULL STACK resource in the technology. It’s we who should prove it.

Lastly, I am 100% satisfied for the course I have taken in  htmlden.

Chytra BC